Meet the Leaders

Mara and Helen, LLL Bath Leaders

Mara and Helen, LLL Bath Leaders

Mara lives in Weston, Bath with her husband and 3 children. Mara became an LLL leader in 2010 just before the birth of her second baby. She had become interested in breastfeeding and wanted to give something back to LLL who had helped her so much. Mara loves supporting mums with breastfeeding in person and on the helpline. She really values being part of an international charity, as it binds us together in a worldwide fellowship of mothers.

Helen lives in Bathampton with her husband and two boys of 4 and 1. She has been an LLL leader since 2013. Helen loves talking to mothers and babies at meetings, and is always happy to put the kettle on for anyone who needs support and cant wait till the next Tuesday meeting!

If you need breastfeeding support please dont hesitate to get in touch

Mara 01225 339023

Helen 01225 317631